E1 Real Estate Franchise for Experienced Real Tors: With Investment Real Estate to Success

Real estate franchise in the OTC segment

As a real estate agent, you can do lucrative business with investment real estate, even in times of crisis. The E1 Real Estate Franchise System paves the way for success with off-market investment properties. Our successful real estate franchise for experienced brokers offers some advantages.

E1 Real Estate Franchise

the No. 1

With our E1 Real Estate Franchise, you can build a location-independent real estate business. As an E1 franchise licensee, you mediate investment properties nationwide and thus work 95 percent from the office. This means that in the times of crisis of the Corona pandemic, you can safely carry out your real estate activities without any risk to health. Whether you rent an office or work permanently from the home office, you decide for yourself. As an independent real estate agent for investment properties, you can move your office workplace to another location at any time if you use our E1 Real Estate Franchise System.



As a licensor, we provide numerous offers for investments as well as contacts with owners and investors via the database.



Our strong real estate brokerage network generates trust and brings you together with reliable investors.



As investment property specialists in the off-market segment, we know that transactions with investments require absolute discretion.



We share our knowledge of investment real estate in coachings, conferences and workshops with you.

"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, working together is a success."

Henry Ford

Get to know E1 Franchisesystem Real Estate and Discover Benefits

Since 2007

Are you interested in the E1 franchise system real estate and would like to take advantage of all the advantages we offer as a licensor? Then contact us by phone and we will show you that there are other reasons for experienced brokers to become licensees!

Communication is the key

exclusive real estate franchise

As a franchise licensee brokerreal property nationwide

The E1 franchise system for real estate does not provide for territorial protection. This means that as a licensee, you can broker real estate through off-market transactions nationwide, regardless of where you have your real estate office. You are not subject to any local boundaries, which significantly increases your chances of success in investment property transactions. On request, you can even use our network to work in the international brokerage business. As investment property specialists, we also maintain intensive contacts with foreign investors.

4 weeks trial phase: test our successful broker franchise system free of charge

Still unsure whether our real estate franchise concept is the right way for you? There is a solution to this. We offer you the opportunity to try out our E1 franchise system real estate for four weeks free of charge. During the four-week trial period, you can find out that our successful brokerage system also paves your way to success with off-market investment properties.

4 weeks trial phase: test our successful broker franchise system free of charge

As an experienced broker, write to us by e-mail and get to know important contacts as an E1 franchise partner!

Try our E1 Franchise System for free and take advantage of this chance of success!

Gold or platinum
Choose a license

If you are a real estate agent using our OTC Real Estate Franchise System, choose between the gold and platinum license variants. You make your decision regardless of the license area.

E1 Investments Gold License

Would you like to pay the license fee on a monthly basis without an entrance fee? As a franchisee with the E1 Investments Gold License, you only invest 399 euros per month and start without equity. Of all the sales you earn as a licensee with real estate, you keep 93 percent for yourself. You will only pay the 7 percent share of revenue for E1 Investments Holding after the money from the respective real estate transaction has been received into your account.

E1 Investments Platinum License

If you choose the E1 Investments Platinum license as a franchisee, you will invest 11,420 euros once and then only 49 euros net. Of every revenue you make, you leave 95 percent with you. You will only transfer the remaining 5 percent to E1 Investments Holding once the amount has been received.

"Acting is essential to character, and a person of character is a decent person who, as such, has certain goals in mind and pursues them with firmness."

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Secure your location!

Contact us and see for yourself that E1 Investments offers the best real estate franchise system!

E1 Franchise System Real Estate:

Our services
As licensor

If you use our franchise program as a real estate agent, E1 Holding supports you with some additional services:

SEO-optimized landing page for your location as a broker

Our successful brokerage franchise program is based on a sophisticated marketing concept of the brand E1 Investments. The holding company invests a large part in marketing services, search engine optimization, website design and text creation. We pass on the benefits of these marketing tools to our real estate franchisees. As a licensee of E1 Investments Holding, you will receive an SEO-optimized landing page for your location and thus a strong web presence.

Email hosting and key marketing tools

Our marketing services also include email hosting. As a franchisor, E1 Investments Holding provides you with an e-mail service. In addition to e-mails, you can use other important marketing tools of E1 Holding such as logos and stationery without restriction.

Coaching and support from the franchisor

In our function as a franchisor, we support you from the very beginning with intensive coaching. We provide you with our expertise as experienced investment property specialists in order to optimally prepare you for your placement activities with off-market real estate. To get started as an E1 licensee, you will receive an extensive introduction by CEO Muharrem Erdogdu. In addition, you have access to training programs and regular coaching. You benefit from our tried and tested working methods and expertise without giving up your freedom as an independent real estate agent.

Use a successful broker system

Become an E1 licensee now and discover our successful brokerage system as a guarantor for your future business success!

With E1 Holding on course for growth as a franchisor

Since its inception in 2007, E1 International Investment Holding has been expanding continuously. What began with the establishment of a real estate office by Muharrem Erdogdu in Wiesbaden is to lead to an internationally leading service company with 1,000 real estate offices. Currently we have a real estate agency network with offices at more than 40 locations in ten federal states. As a franchisor, E1 Investment Holding wants to continue this expansion course nationwide through partnerships with experienced real estate agents. Would you like to participate in our growth process and increase your investment real estate revenues?

E1 Holding as a first-class franchisor for investment and off-market real estate

In 13 years of business, E1 Holding has built up an excellent reputation in the off-market business as a service company specializing in investment real estate. As a licensee, you benefit from our first-class reputation and strong presence as a brand in the segment for national and international investment properties. You use the services of our online marketing team and the reach of our website.

Successful broker system: Keep your own company

Our successful brokerage franchise system offers you the advantage that you can continue to run your existing real estate office. With E1 Holding as a licensor, you, as a long-standing entrepreneur, maintain your independence and at the same time use our extensive resources in the off-market investment real estate segment for your real estate transactions. In our real estate agency network there are some franchisees who run their own business in addition to franchising.

Our locations

Growth with E1 Real Estate Franchise & License Partnerships

Astrid Felder



Another success story is the addition of the very experienced real estate agent Ms. Astrid Felder to our real estate franchise team. Investment broker Astrid Felder has joined our team as a platinum licensee. Ms. Astrid Felder is now part of our successful E1 franchise group.

Helmut Dick



The successful real estate franchise System E1 Investments enjoys great popularity and constant demand. So did our newest business partner Helmut Dick, whom we welcome to E1 Investments as a Platinum Franchise Partner.

Uwe Hinz



We also welcome real estate franchise licensee Uwe Hinzto E1 Investments as a Gold Franchise Partner. We are looking forward to good business as well as many other successes with the experienced and since 1983 independent real estate agent from Hanover.

Questions and answers about the real estate franchise system

Questions & Answers

E1 Investments has the best real estate franchise system. As investment property specialists, we focus on capital-rich off-market real estate nationwide and internationally. Through our network, we enable our licensees to do lucrative real estate transactions outside the public market. As a franchisee, you take advantage of our established E1 investment franchise system without giving up your independence as a real estate agent.

The Off Market Real Estate Franchise System of E1 Holding is a successful business segment. A real estate franchise system focused on buying, selling and brokering private and commercial properties away from the public market offers the best chance of success. Our real estate franchise system is so successful because our real estate agents mediate residential real estate,commercial properties, new buildings and other investments as off-market real estate. From our experience as investment property specialists, we know that the most capital-rich real estate transactions are handled in the off-market sector.

A successful brokerage franchise system requires a reliable franchisor, a strong network, concentrated real estate know-how and proven strategies. As a licensor, E1 Investments Holding offers access to more than 121,000 contacts and nearly 2,100 investment properties. As a real estate agent, we make this network fully available to you. In addition, our investment properties specialists provide valuable expertise in workshops, seminars and conferences. In addition, there is extensive marketing and PR services as well as the appearance via our website. Our successful broker franchise system combines the strong network of E1 Holding with access to expertise, marketing and proven strategies.

E1 Investments operates a real estate franchise with no entry fees. We do not charge high entry fees. The license fee for franchising is paid once or in monthly instalments. The amount you invest depends on whether you choose the Franchise License Gold or Platinum. E1 Investments Holding’s share of sales is only between five and seven percent of net sales.

Our E1 Real Estate Franchising is initially planned for two years. They therefore conclude a 24-month licensing agreement. However, as a franchisee, you have the option of extending participation by up to five years.

Yes, our E1 Investments real estate franchise system appeals to real estate agents with at least five years of brokerage experience. They must therefore have a brokerage permit in accordance with Section 34c GewO for at least five years. The brokerage of off-market real estate as an investment requires expertise and experience.

They contribute to our successful brokerage system with a great passion for the investment real estate business and a good empathy for people. As a real estate agent, you are also characterized by a strong business sense, sales skills and absolute discretion.

Through the databases and contacts of E1 Investments Holding, you can access investment properties that investors can use as investments. With a large real estate agency network, more than 2,100 offers for off-market real estate and over 4,700 purchase profiles, we as a franchisor offer first-class framework conditions to give licensees like you access to off-market investment properties. We provide resources in the form of investors and property owners that you only need to use.

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