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The philosophy that shaped our corporate culture

The philosophy that characterises our corporate culture is based on a very successful collaboration with ready-to-use real estate agents for many years. In doing so, we have made it our mission to pool the competences of all and thus launch a goal-oriented marketing strategy. Franchise partners at E1 Real Estate is therefore an extraordinarily attractive way to participate in the existing success of an emerging company.

Become a franchise partner - a collaboration that has many advantages

We offer you numerous advantages in working with our successful real estate franchise system. Experienced real estate agents, benefit
from the E1 Real Estate Franchise License. If you are looking for new challenges as a leading entrepreneur, then you are exactly right with us. We offer you all possibilities to expand your real estate business in the investment & investment real estate sector. For example, you get access to more than 2,100 investment properties with over 4,700 active purchase profiles. In addition, you have direct access to our strong network. In this way, you save a lot of time, with the often very elaborate real estate acquisition of off market objects.

Become a franchise partner - high return with little equity

With a relatively low return on equity, you can generate high returns. Our excellent real estate franchise appeals to experienced brokers without any entry fee. With our off-market investment properties, you generate an excellent income, and you as a franchisee get excellent offers thanks to our immensely strong network. Whether directly with us in Germany, as well as in Europe and internationally.

"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, working together is a success."

Henry Ford

Franchise Partners will be on the market with a 7% revenue commission!

With us, you will be given the opportunity to enter the investment real estate business directly. For example, experienced real estate agents who already have their own company benefit from our E1 Real Estate Franchise licensing system. In this way, you will continue to remain independent with your real estate office and additionally benefit from the many investor & business partner contacts, the investor databases, the contracts & forms as well as the successful E1 marketing & sales strategy. From us you will receive very well pre-qualified contacts and off-market real estate offers, in a variety that you will not find with any other competitor.

Become a franchise partner and get the funding right away

As a well-known real estate company, active at home and abroad, we are constantly asked whether we also offer individual real estate financing. This is because it is often the case that the investor does not have sufficient equity capital to finance his property. Here it is particularly attractive if you become a franchise partner at E1 Immobilien and can provide your clients with the right real estate financing for the purchase of an apartment or a house. We act as a strong partner at your side, in a total of 40 locations we can offer your clients real estate financing. It doesn’t matter if it’s a classic annuity loan or whether it’s a repayment loan through the building society.

Franchise partners are connected to the franchise system for real estate agents

If you have developed a passion for particularly extravagant real estate and this in perfect combination with an extremely strong distribution system, then you should become a franchise partner and thus become part of our success story. So don’t wait long and get started with E1 Real Estate now.

4 weeks trial phase: test our successful broker franchise system free of charge

As an experienced broker, write to us by e-mail and get to know important contacts as an E1 franchise partner!

Questions and answers about the real estate franchise system

Questions & Answers

E1 Investments has the best real estate franchise system. As investment property specialists, we focus on capital-rich off-market real estate nationwide and internationally. Through our network, we enable our licensees to do lucrative real estate transactions outside the public market. As a franchisee, you take advantage of our established E1 investment franchise system without giving up your independence as a real estate agent.

The Off Market Real Estate Franchise System of E1 Holding is a successful business segment. A real estate franchise system focused on buying, selling and brokering private and commercial properties away from the public market offers the best chance of success. Our real estate franchise system is so successful because our real estate agents mediate residential real estate,commercial properties, new buildings and other investments as off-market real estate. From our experience as investment property specialists, we know that the most capital-rich real estate transactions are handled in the off-market sector.

A successful brokerage franchise system requires a reliable franchisor, a strong network, concentrated real estate know-how and proven strategies. As a licensor, E1 Investments Holding offers access to more than 121,000 contacts and nearly 2,100 investment properties. As a real estate agent, we make this network fully available to you. In addition, our investment properties specialists provide valuable expertise in workshops, seminars and conferences. In addition, there is extensive marketing and PR services as well as the appearance via our website. Our successful broker franchise system combines the strong network of E1 Holding with access to expertise, marketing and proven strategies.

E1 Investments operates a real estate franchise with no entry fees. We do not charge high entry fees. The license fee for franchising is paid once or in monthly instalments. The amount you invest depends on whether you choose the Franchise License Gold or Platinum. E1 Investments Holding’s share of sales is only between five and seven percent of net sales.

Our E1 Real Estate Franchising is initially planned for two years. They therefore conclude a 24-month licensing agreement. However, as a franchisee, you have the option of extending participation by up to five years.

Yes, our E1 Investments real estate franchise system appeals to real estate agents with at least five years of brokerage experience. They must therefore have a brokerage permit in accordance with Section 34c GewO for at least five years. The brokerage of off-market real estate as an investment requires expertise and experience.

They contribute to our successful brokerage system with a great passion for the investment real estate business and a good empathy for people. As a real estate agent, you are also characterized by a strong business sense, sales skills and absolute discretion.

Through the databases and contacts of E1 Investments Holding, you can access investment properties that investors can use as investments. With a large real estate agency network, more than 2,100 offers for off-market real estate and over 4,700 purchase profiles, we as a franchisor offer first-class framework conditions to give licensees like you access to off-market investment properties. We provide resources in the form of investors and property owners that you only need to use.

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